Pinnacle Ridge on Burrard Sound, Anmore, British Columbia

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12.11.2007 Proposed Lot Configuration

3-D Overviews: exaggeration_2_to_1.jpg (273802 bytes) 2V:1H          exaggeration_1_to_1.jpg (208606 bytes) 1V:1H

 Google Earth KMZ Overlays Cadman Kingsway Lamb
With Contours (JPG format) cadman20071211a_layout.jpg (320067 bytes) cadman20071211b_layout.jpg (256124 bytes) kingsway20071119c_layout.jpg (1299469 bytes) lamb20071119c_layout.jpg (1949724 bytes)
Without Contours      
GE Screen Shots view_ne_20071119_cadman.jpg (284986 bytes)  view_ne_20071119_kingsway.jpg (285195 bytes) view_ne_20071119_lamb.jpg (266540 bytes)


Preliminary Concept Layout July 2007

1.jpg (1557781 bytes) 2.jpg (1611719 bytes) 3.jpg (1579069 bytes) 4.jpg (1832367 bytes) 5.jpg (1773162 bytes) 6.jpg (1363674 bytes)


Sample earthwork computer model from similar Southern California project.

earthwork1.jpg (2568995 bytes) earthwork2.jpg (2460128 bytes) earthwork3.jpg (2066921 bytes)

Sample rock wall construction to increase slope slope steepness if angular onsite bedrock is available & building code allows to prove "buildability" on steep sections & also minimize earthwork for developer and individual builders.

P7140017.JPG (288467 bytes) P7140018.JPG (279917 bytes) P7140019.JPG (300105 bytes) wall_sample5.jpg (275441 bytes) The "standard" cut & fill slope alternative is expensive.

wall_sample1.jpg (267659 bytes) wall_sample2.jpg (273170 bytes) wall_sample3.jpg (278355 bytes) wall_sample4.jpg (287800 bytes) wall_sample6.jpg (297269 bytes) wall_sample7.jpg (263000 bytes)