Welcome to Chuckanut Ridge
And the proposed Fairhaven Highlands Subdivision Project
(a.k.a. "100-Acre Wood")

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Last Update: Thursday, September 02, 2010


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Owner Date File Name / Description File Run Time (mm:ss) File Size File Format
Responsible Development 2006 "Saving the Hundred Acre Wood: 
A Treasure Beyond Measure
4 Parts   4 Parts
Horizon Bank & Greenbriar/Northwest Associates, LLC The Future Flyabout 1:07 3 Mb WMV
5.05.2008 city_council_20080505.jpg (29602 bytes) 8:29 23 Mb WMV

city_council_20080505.jpg (29602 bytes)

8:29 42 Mb MP4

Bob Pearson

5.02.2008 fhh_king5news20080502.jpg (87792 bytes) 1:47 9± Mb MP4