Welcome to Chuckanut Ridge
And the proposed Fairhaven Highlands Subdivision Project
(a.k.a. "100-Acre Wood")

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Last Update: Friday, September 03, 2010

Google Earth

A KML file (and the compressed KMZ version) and a SKP 3D file are copyrightable creations using the Google Earth Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and Google Earth Sketchup (SKP) to compile individual media sources into a scripted finished product for use by an end-user. Whenever possible, citations are made as to the information source by including a web link to the actual page & author. No claim of copyright is made on any of the individual content, often derived from the Internet or public domain resources.

Overlays shown in these files are Proposed Alternate B: 2008 Enhanced Buffer Plan

WARNING: The 3D buildings file is a heavily graphics-oriented file that utilizes alot of memory and graphics card resources --- for best navigation results, TURN OFF all 3D structures, fly to desired location, then TURN ON desired 3D structures inside individual folders.

If you receive a "404 Not Found" error message or otherwise cannot open the file automatically --- different browsers behave differently --- please right-click this link & save it to your own computer; then double-click the file on your own computer to open the file in Google Earth.

Still not working? Contact me here & I'll e-mail you the KML file.

Google Earth Overview KMZ

Google Earth 3D Buildings KMZ

Google Earth MASTER FILE